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Toh May Fook

10 September 2001

Inspector General of Police
Royal Malaysian Police, Bukit Aman
50560 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Tan Sri,


With deep regrets, I enclose herewith a police report (W892180) lodged by me with the Police Station at Jalan Travers with regards to an incident where I was badly treated and terrorized by members of the police force. The details of the unfortunate incident is more clearly recorded by Inspector Nichimuthu, the Investigation Officer at the Brickfields Police Station.

However, I would humbly seek your permission for me to recount the event as follows:

While on my way home after having my supper at some hawker stalls at Kuchai Entrepreneurs park, I was stopped by a traffic policeman along the road leading from Jalan Kuchai Lama to Seremban highway at around 2 am on 9/9/2001. There was a traffic police operation along that road at the material time.

As I was stopped after a turning immediately after a traffic light along a double lined road, I mentioned to the police officer that perhaps it was not the most appropriate spot to stop a car because it may endanger other cars behind me. The officer visibly took offence and that was the beginning of my misery for the next several hours.

Firstly, the officer shouted at me rudely for my license and then another officer forced me to take a breath test although I did not drink any alcohol before that and I definitely showed no signs of someone intoxicated.

When I inquire if the tube I was supposed to be blowing into was used or new, the officer angrily pulled out the tube and threw it across my car which caused considerable fear in me, I protested his rude and intimidating behavior and he became verbally more abusive. Then I requested to see the officer in charge of the operation, but unfortunately, he did not want to listen to my protest but asked me just to blow the tube.

I then requested to conduct the test at a police station because I was very fearful and I have also lost confidence in them. My request was ignored. I then protested that if they continue to be rude and abusive, I would have no choice but to lodge a police report, the earlier officer by the name of Yacob then shouted at me : “ awak buat lah laporan apa saja, ingat! saya ada kaki dan member di mana mana juga!” and then I was practically forced to blow the tube and although I saw that the equipment showed an illuminated “0” reading, I heard the officer shouted “ Nah! Ada reading, bawa dia ke balai!”

Then they left me standing by the side of my car and I waited for about 10 minutes before another officer got into the driver side of my car and asked me to get into the passenger side. I got into the car and asked if it was proper procedure for a police officer to drive my car without my consent, the officer then told me that I was suspected of being drunk and therefore I was not allowed to drive. On the way to Jalan Tun H S Lee police station, I reminded the officer that he was not wearing the safety belt but he just ignored me.

At the police station, I was made to sit next to two hand-cuffed men and waited for a long while. Meanwhile Yacob also came to the room and intimidated me by staring rudely at me. Much later, I was finally asked to conduct a proper breath test which showed a negative result. I was then handed over to another officer who returned my car keys and my driving license to me and asked me to go home, I then told the officer that I wish to lodge a report, whereupon I heard a loud shout of “ Apa! apa!”, just behind me! I was startled and turned and to my great shock, I saw Yacob staring over me from just behind my chair with the vest that he wore touching my head! I was terrified!

I tried to explain to Yacob then that he has terrorized me and that he is tarnishing the image of the police force, he shouted at me and asked me to just get out of the Balai! I then walked out of the room in a state of shock and asked another officer where can I lodged a report, but I was told that the Balai was closed and I should just get out and lodge the report anywhere I like!

Fearful of my safety I did not go home direct but eventually lodged my report at the Jalan Travers Police Station and later proceeded to record a statement with Inspector Nichimuthu in the Brickfields Police Station.

Dear Tan Sri, I am still in a state of shock and fear, the police force that I trusted to protect me and my family all this while turned out to be intimidating, threatening and even to the point of terrorizing a decent member of public like myself. Now, when I see a policeman, there is this sense of terror that will emerged because of the terrible experience that I had the misfortune to have encountered.

I have no choice but to believe that there must surely be just a handful of police personnel who behave in such terrorizing manner towards a decent member of public;

Dear Tan Sri, when I requested to make a police report out of desperation, the officer insinuated that I will be “taken care of” by his “kaki and member”. And in fact I was prevented from making any report at the Jalan Tun HS Lee traffic police station even though I was really fearful that they will go after me and I could not even reach home! I am therefore writing this letter to your goodself and urge you to kindly look into the matter for the sake of the well being of our nation and also to protect the image of the police force.

As for myself, I just pray that time can wear out my fear the next time I meet a policeman, but I trust that your timely investigation into the matter will also help me to recover easier.

Thanking you for your kind attention.

Yours Faithfully,

Toh May Fook

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