Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On MCA tells gov't to slay BTN beast - 29/9/2010

In case BN/UMNO/MCA thinks we the non-Malays can still take any more threat from BTN/PERKASA, I actually dreamt last night, no joke, that I was in a Malaysia where all non-Malays need to go through BTN sessions conducted by PERKASA.

My whole family together with many other families were dressed to identify that we were non-Malays and paraded along a long road where cruel PERKASA members from the left and right sides of the road jeered and hurled all sorts of insults at us.

All we heard was "Pendatang!" "Penumbang!" "Balik China Balik India!" "Pelacur! Pengemis!" and rounds of jeering and sniggering. All of us bowed our heads; our children grabbed our hands. They were confused and frightened, we the adults were frightened and sad.

The last thing I remember about the dream was that, back in our home amidst series of long houses in a designated part of the town, our original house already being "confiscated", my wife wept and bitterly told me off for not migrating earlier.


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