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I believe Malaysians will welcome and benefit a lot if Shahrir’s view on the setting up of an Independent Police Complaint and Misconduct Commission is materialized.

Do remember that in the sixties through seventies, Hong Kong had one of the most corrupted and least disciplined police forces in the world and the people suffered greatly while the police force received very little respect from the society. After the setting up of ICAC, an independent watchdog body for the conduct of the police force, and after the sacrifice of many righteous members of the Commission, today, the police force in Hong Kong turned out to be one of the most respected in the world and even Jackie Chan benefited by making a series of movie named after “Police Story.”

We, the Malaysians certainly do not enjoy criticizing our police force, we would rather have our police force glorified, if and when justified.


Our Minister has called upon the victim in the infamous Video Clip to come forward.

Who is the victim? The whole nation is being shamed. And as more and more articles appear in the international media, Malaysians are finding it more and more difficult to contain our shock, disgust, humiliation, hurt and anger.

We expect higher level of thought from our Minister to understand as to who are the victims. We, the Malaysians are the victims! And yes, we are coming forward to demand for justice.

Can our elected Administration understand how we feel? Or perhaps our voice is still not laud enough?


On my last check on Google search, I found 134 articles on Malaysian Police brutality on foreign nationals. Our Police Force has certainly brought us international shame and disrepute. The need to push for reform in the Police Force has never been as urgent and our conscientious law makers, if there is any left, must respond immediately to prevent our country from suffering further international humiliation and the onslaught of international wrath.

Today, news travels faster and wider than never before, our tourists flow and foreign investment will surely be adversely affected. And Malaysian view as Head of NAM and OIC nations will be losing its meaning as our view on international affairs does not deserve any weight when we can not even put our own house in order.

I know of a girl who was put through the same search procedure as highlighted in the video clip now circulating all over the world; when she talks about her ordeal more than ten years later, she still break down in apparent fear, despair and confusion. I would really like to call upon all fellow Malaysian to reflect for a moment, did we, the people empower the Police Force and any other enforcement agency to conduct themselves in such senseless and inhumane manner to other fellow human being?

I do not believe that our Ministers and senior Police personnel do not know about such brutality as highlighted recently; it is just that they really do not think it was brutal. Our very own Deputy IGP had already said that that the body search was just a routine police procedure, can we not tell that the very organization, to whom which we entrusted to uphold law and order and to protect us had turned arrogant and insensitive, unable to even think as fair minded compassionate human being.

God save our beloved Malaysia!


Referring to the group of Indian IT professional who were harassed by our enforcement officers as mentioned in “ POLICE FORCE COULD SPIN OUT OF CONTROL”, some Malaysian may wish to know that their company had since relocated to Singapore. Twin Tower which used to house their office (of a reputable company public listed in New Delhi and New York) had lost a valuable tenant and so did I, as one of the expatriate staff of that company who rented my house was also relocated with very short notice.

As far as I understand, they were not interested in getting any apology or getting involved in our usual debate of the “obviously wrong.” They just act.

Think about those Malaysians who also lost their jobs as a result of the relocation.


Personally, I welcome the action of the policeman to seek redress in our court of law, because I believe if the issue is properly handled, it may lead to more opportunity for us to improve our system.

I of course do not believe that a 17 years old girl had nothing better to do than making false report against a police personnel. After all our ACA must have deemed the case credible before charging the policeman in court.

But the policeman was acquitted. That can only mean few things to me:-

  1. Our ACA was not competent in handling the case,

  2. Our existing legislation is flawed, or

  3. Our judiciary is biased

Therefore, we as concerned Malaysians should find the truth and move forward, instead of making it look as if the whole Executive is arguing with one policeman


I read the article with deep felt sadness and anger.

A very unpleasant incident happened to me with the police force some years ago.

It was at a road block presumably to detect drink-driving. Because of my questioning the police choice of the block location, which happened to be at a double lined cornering stretch, I was put through a terrible process of threat and inconvenience at a police station. Four hours later I was cleared and walk out of the police station, I proceeded to another police station in town to lodge a police report. The policeman in attendance asked if I really would like to make a big fuss out of a small “misunderstanding”, I told him I must do what I needed to do to make sure that the Police Force understands that their duty is to protect us by upholding law and order and not arrogantly disrespecting our rights; further, what the bad cops did, affects the reputation of good cops, if there is any. I remember telling him that I could not tolerate “ harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.”

There was no follow up on my report by the Investigation Officer.

I subsequently compiled all relevant documents and prepared a detailed account of what happened, addressed and hand delivered to the office of the IGP at that time.

No follow up on my complaint for years; then came the Royal Commission. I was delighted and wrote to the Commission with copy of my previous letter to the IGP.

Even then, still no follow up till today.

I am still not giving up hope to put things right, simply because I know this is my country and we must not let those irresponsible and corrupted cops continue to harass and threaten us. We must not give up the ownership of our beloved country to these irresponsible and corrupted cops; at the end of the day, they are the ones who should feel ashamed and we must not let these kind of incidents affect our hope for the future of this country. Remember, we the taxpayers are the one who provide them with the uniform.

I truly wish that the writer, or rather victim, in this unbelievable incident can get over with the hurt and I would like to thank him for writing the article. I believe with more awareness from the public at large, the situation can and must improve.


I hope you can spend a little more effort in bringing more awareness over this frustrating yet important issue.

There are really many justifications to have elected council members. We need councilors who are interested to serve and posses the ability to serve, instead of appointed councilors who took the appointment simply as a job or as a political favor.

In my several dealings with various councils, the working environment was shameful. Staff were seen playing computer games, person in charge always not around, Ketua having meeting and the list of our frustration goes on and on. In running my own business none of those things I observed in the various local councils is allowed to happen, otherwise my business will surely go bankrupt.

And recently the trend seems to be for the councilors to reward themselves with incentive trips and luxurious living quarters, just look at the situation in Subang, Shah Alam and Selayang.

I believe this is a credible issue for you to encourage more discussions and perhaps to conduct a nation wide poll for opinions.

Thank you for your kind attention and warmest regards


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