Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Teresa Kok was taken away on Friday [12/9/08]. Two self- proclaimed Muslim Groups were at the Sentul Police Station making report against Teresa on Sunday [14/9/08]morning around 11am.

At the scene, by the road side, some gangster-looking youngsters with yellow head-band were holding some banners accusing Teresa of " menghina Islam."

I stopped my car and asked one of them what was it all about.

Me: Dik, apa dah jadi?

He: Ada Orang menghina Islam.

Me: Siapa?

He: Tak tahu! (The banner he was holding reads: Teresa Kok Menghina Islam)

Me: Lalu you marah siapa?

He: Tak marah siapa, cari makan saja!

Me: Tapi Teresa KOK sudah ditangkap ISA.

He: Siapa Teresa KOK?

Me: ..........

My dear Malaysian brothers and sisters who are Muslims, speak up like our dear Kata Tak Nak, please do not let these people confuse the non-Muslims about the religion.

The mystery behind May 13 1969 has been gradually unveiled over the years, more authoritative first person accounts can be found in books such as The Unmaking Of Malaysia and especially Tun Doctor Ismail personal notes as revealed in The Reluctant Politician. Most accounts described the riots as a tragic consequence of internal power struggle within UMNO.

What I saw on that hilarious Sunday prompted me to think that there must be at least three or four factions within the Peninsular UMNO, each trying to neutralize the others so as to command the support of the 66 Peninsular UMNO MPs left in the present Parliament.

The leaders and supporters of each and every faction cautiously plot and plan all sorts of sinister traps for all their other adversaries, but each not daring to make the first move, fearing that that will leave even the last man standing badly wounded. There is a very tense Mexican Stand-off within UMNO as RPK put it sometime ago.

Given the present untenable situation within UMNO, when dealing with external “enemy”, different faction within UMNO has different scripts, some on racial issues, some on religious issue and some on character assassination.

The difficult part is in the execution of such script, as when one faction executes certain script, the other factions may sabotage or at least try to dissociate themselves from such script, hoping that the faction executing the script will fumble and be neutralized without their own hands being tainted by blood.

As such, all those sinister scripts written are often clumsily executed without proper casting direction and hence I suspect that what I saw on that hilarious Sunday around Sentul Police Station was just one of those scripts being acted out by silly casts with uncoordinated confusing sequence.

No, there is really no tension among our ordinary peace loving Malaysian and definitely no one is interested in fighting each other. That kind of fight is only confined to bankrupt politicians.


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