Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Ronald Reagan wrote in his own hand writing in April 1981, soon into his first year as the President of the United States, and I quote:

“ …..that government is only a convenience created and managed by the people with no powers of its own except those voluntarily granted to it by the people.

We sometimes tend to forget that great truth and we never should.”

My understanding is that government exists for the people and therefore must deliver according to the wishes of the people.

In our country, the concept of the power of the government being voluntarily granted to it by the people is questionable. There is no leveled playing field as yet for aspiring political parties to communicate to the electorates. Voters are deemed immature and easily manipulated on racial and religious grounds.

Within such a context, we do need proactive leadership to lead the majority of the people but we should not merely hope that such leadership is also responsible to the people, there should exist some forms of constructive mechanism to ensure that it is indeed so. And I believe a free press is an essential part of such mechanism.

If our government intends to deliver to the people, a responsible free press is needed as a valuable strategic partner to work with and not being taken as something uncomfortable that should be controlled, contained and expresses only the official view of the government.

In my own business, I need to get real feed back from my associates on what is going on at ground zero. When my associates only echo and repeat my view, I know my organization is not moving forward.

To my understanding, self censorship is not welcome and not productive in progressive enterprises.

In progressive enterprises, large amounts are spent in getting all level of management and personnel to speak up so that the top management can accurately execute business decisions. It is therefore foolish for any government not to promote a free press and engaging the free press to feel the pulse of the nation.


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