Friday, September 19, 2008

Bee En Downfall Parody

I am suffering from depression, so I was told by my doctor.

All his medication did not help much, whenever I think about our country, I was just not able to laugh, let alone smile, until I watch Kavi's Bee EN Downfall Parody!

I laugh like I have never laughed before, not because his work is hilarious, I am still laughig with tears in my eyes and I wonder why?

Finally, I realise that I laugh with tears in my eyes whenever I replay Kavi's work, because what was depicted in his work does really represent the hopes and dreams of millions of oppressed people in this land.

Now, whenever I need another Xanax or another Macallan, I will try to watch the Parody again.

Thanks, my dear Kavi.

Thank you, my dear brother.


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