Friday, February 06, 2009



A retired British politician confessed during an interview, on the tactic they used in frustrating the true meaning of democracy:-

“If we were to allow the people to actually have faith in democracy, then we would be ended up being their servants, working day and night, attending to all sorts of requests or needs; or addressing all sorts of issues or problems faced by the electorate.

No, we don’t want that; all we really want is power to control, power to maneuver. Honestly, it’s all about having good lives and excitement for ourselves.

How we go about achieving this was rather simple. First, we used propaganda to confuse them (the electorate), then we used all sorts of government apparatus, such as police force and other enforcement agencies to strike fear into them, and finally we demoralized them by all means during any election to ensure that they lose faith in the democratic process and do not bother to vote. So, eventually, we got elected or gained power with the silent majority watching helplessly.”

From the 5th till 6th of Feb, by taking over power in Perak from PR in the most grotesque way ever, BN/UMNO had succeeded in demoralizing me and my whole family on the democratic process in this country.


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