Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On MPs and ADUNs Leaving PKR

Tun Dr Ismail did warn that people should join political parties to serve only after they have achieved certain level of success in their career and never to join a political party with the intention to enrich oneself. Tun was giving the warning to UMNO at that time.

Knowing that there are now UMNO Puteri and UMNO Putra and perhaps soon UMNO Mat Rempit before GE 13, we are quite clear on the future of such a soon to be bankrupt political party. Those who were enticed to leave PKR will also evoke immense jealousy from those within UMNO who are not presently getting as much.

Dying leaves are falling off from PKR but UMNO's roots are rotting fast. In the final analysis, the Rakyat shall be educated and decide wisely