Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Open Verdict - TBH Inquest

TBH died while in MACC's custody for a frivolous investigation and that in turn was the attempt of the BN government to creat issues to take over the PR state government.

The collective cover-up by MACC on the brutality inflicted on TBH is obvious and such collective cover-up is possible because the officers involved knew the real political agenda in the investigation and that they will be protected by the power of the day. Therefore the sloppy police investigation and the failed inquest.

The inquest failed because it allowed MACC officers to lied and to deceieved the court. Most telling was the fact that the officers were summoned to Putrajaya for direction upon the "discovery" of TBH's body instead of informing the police immediately and of course the pre-fall injury on TBH's neck, discovered and revealed only upon the second autopsy supervised by Dr. Porntip.

It is noted that an inquest is a court of law but not a court of justice. But justice is trully what the people are all asking for.

Only justice will bring a closure to the suffering of the Teoh's family and also the anxiety of the society at large.

I believe that all those who were involved in directly and indirectly causing the death of TBH will be haunted for the rest of their lives if justice is not served. Only the truth will set them free from within their souls.