Saturday, December 11, 2010

Khir Toyol Charged

Abdul Ghani Patai, the most controversial AG in the history of this land leading the prosecution team against Khir Toyol for corruption and our PM assuring the people that this is not a political sandiwara.

Now I understand why a friend of mine once told me that when a BN/UMNO man tells us that his father is a man and his mother is a woman, it is safer for us not to believe him.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Khir Toyo charged in court

Khir Toyo is the most valuable gold mine to PR, hope he will not be convicted.

But then again, even if he is convicted with the maximum sentencing of just two years under the present charge, his story will still be gold mine to PR.

On Samy Vellu Resignation

"I will move very fast. In future, I would not use cars but will use airplanes because I will be travelling to other countries,” he said when asked what will be his next move after his resignation. - Malaysian Insider

I was once sitted behind Samy Vellu and his buddy on a flight from Jakarta to KL (1991). When the airstewardess asked "Chicken or fish, Sir?" he answered "I normally look at my food before I eat it!" in a loud and arrogant voice.

I thought about what he was trying to say all the way back to KL, till today I still don't understand most of the things that he had said, like the statement above, on his resignation.