Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comment on Hisham's Comment, while he was sober.

"He said it was there for all to see that non-Malays were also enjoying the fruits of the country's progress, and in fact, had a bigger slice of the economic pie compared to Malays.

He said non-Malays were also free to realise their full potential without any obstacles put in their path."

The Minister spoke the half truth, in my case I did realise SOME of my potential BUT by going through lots of obstacles along the way.

The "Potential" I did manage to realise is only limited to improving the economic well being of my family. My further potential in contributing back to the country is not allowed as I am not allowed to be the PM of the Cabinet, CEO of any GLC, Dean of my university, Governor of Bank Negara etc, etc; all the above jobs, I am willing to hold without pay.

Alas, I end up having nothing to do after acquiring my economic well being except to read MT writing comments criticizing the UMNO/BN government to help our country.